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is someone telling jokes in here?
...oh, man, that IS funny.

In the year or more since I wrote in this damned journal, a lot of shit has happened. Patrick and I broke up. I got and then lost a job, and then another job. Went to Burning Man. Same old stuff, different date-stamp.

A lot of my friends have been interested in coming back to LiveJournal so I think I'm going to try and have a little more presence around here.


Hello friends!

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Life in Seattle is going okay.  No job.  Just found an apartment, though.

I keep thinking of stuff to write in LJ and then forgetting it.

I don't really twitter or blog, and read but don't really update Facebook, so I have to get my brains out somewhere.

God, are Patrick and I ridiculously cute?  Yes.

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theblackdeer: The only things I want to see guys riding... Oh never mind...

sayaka: Is motorcycles? Me too.

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So, I've taken up an interest in camping. I've always been into it, I did a lot of camping when I was young, but I think my experiences at Burning Man over the last six years have been really influential on me. This post isn't about camping, but it is about how much I wish I could GO camping.

This is cross posted from my separate journal, Everything Is Wrong, and I Hate It Here:

We were going to drive down to Lake Tahoe for the day (since I'm a terrible Californian and never went!) but due to it being brush fire season, we were unable to do so.

So instead, we stayed slightly closer to Chico, and visited Lassen National Volcanic Park, only 1 hour north!  And what a great trip... I am interested in geology, volcanism and geothermal phenomenon since a very young age, and seeing real, live burbling mud pots, steaming sulfur pools and luke-warm mineral creeks was amazingly fun.


The park itself is not only geothermal features — some of it is absolutely breathtaking scenery of crystal clear lakes, piles upon piles of volcanically upended boulders which had become cracked and weathered and slid down the side of the mountain.  Piles of ash turned soil.  Fields of daintily purple flowers backing up to craggy monolithic rock formations.

These rocks are interestingly formed in that they are nearly vertical columns — eventually, water will seep between the columns, freeze and expand, then melt and contract, enough times that they will fall away, one at a time.

Emerald Lake was especially beautiful.  Algae colors it its distinctive deep green, but it is shallow and incredibly clear.  The hollow in which it sits was carved out by a glacier ages ago.  I wish we could have stayed there all day - it was shady and cool.  Instead, I snapped a few pictures, rested in the shade, and proceeded onwards.

I've wanted to visit one of the areas of the park, "Bumpass Hell" since I heard of the place.  I'm mentally like 13 so the name "Bumpass Hell" made me (and still makes me) giggle like an idiot.  The actual place (named after the man who discovered it, one Kendall Vanhook Bumpass) is a geothermal zone which is highly active, and to which we did not have time to hike.  Nonetheless, I got my picture and have decided that when we come back, we'll make the hike.

At the base of the summit trail, all there was were scoured rocks, talus flows and fine, yet gritty, volcanic ash.  It felt so good to sink your toes into the ash and squish them around!  And thank goodness, the altitude (8100 feet) led to it being much, much cooler than down in Chico — where it had been 105°F.

I wish we could have stayed weeks, camping, exploring the park, seeing the boiling lakes and the geysers and the trees and such... but I know we will be back.  We plan to do a lot more camping, I think.

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I haven't written here in a billion years but I'm so sick of Facebook and Twitter and the lack of real ability to get my thoughts down in any long-form way, that I'm bringin' LJ back ALL BY MYSELF if I have to.

So, big news:


Yes, this is a good thing. My boyfriend, Patrick, and I are heading north for academic reasons (He would like to attend Law School at the University of WA, I would like to finish my BA there, the cost of living is much, much lower, and, to be honest, I'm a little homesick for the place.

So there eoyu have it.

When am I moving? Why, I'm on my way up from San Francisco RIGHT NOW.


Updates will be much more often, I hope - I've been updating my other journal with more regularity because I sort of needed a break from this "persona" (actually, I just wanted start and keep a narrative that wasn't as "all over the place" and long-running as this). Because dammit, I miss this place and I miss you guys.

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So, since you all know that I love making ridiculous music videos (See "Werk It", and others). Here is my latest hilarity. My boyfriend and I are attempting to win a trip to Finland to see the premiere of Iron Sky. We've propagandized UC Berkeley in the process, and I convinced some poli-sci students to give me a donut in exchange for KNOWLEDGE.
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What’s your favorite kind of weather?
Overcast and about 50°F.


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2011 Death Guild Thunderdome Family Portrait

I was happy to induct Patrick into our little family this year. He fits right in. That makes me smile.
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So months have flown by. Patrick and I have moved in together. And the true test... we went together to Burning Man this year. I have to say, he passed with flying colors. We had an amazing time there together. And here's a few pictures for you.



With allistairagator, who is awesome.

Yep, cute couple taking shadow pictures on the Playa.

It was amazing.

And, of course...

Patrick finally got to see what a hardcore badass his lady is officiating the dome.


FULL GALLERY: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cybergeisha/sets/72157627489519831/


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Life has been going wonderfully lately — obviously I don't post to Live Journal as much as I used to but... To be honest I don't post to much of anything, just read a whole hell of a lot of everything. And I've been sort of busy.

ANYWAY, pertinent to Seattle People™...

I will be in town starting this Friday. Patrick (who you do not yet know, and is the person in the above picture who is not me) and I (who you DO know, and is the person in the above picture who IS me) will be in SeaTown for SEAF and hanging out and all kinds of goodness. I'm not sure how long we will be in town, as it is basically the starting point for an open-ended road trip which may lead as far afield as Wyoming but may stay local to the West Coast.

We are confirmed to be staying two nights downtown but extra days will likely require a guest room or staying with my family, heh.


Who would like to hang out? Who is going to SEAF this year?
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